Tokyo QKDnetwork&FSO Map

Tokyo QKD Network & Tokyo FSO Testbed at present and beyond

Tokyo QKD Network was inaugurated in October 2010 in a part of the NICT open testbed network "Japan Giga Bit Network Extreme (JGN-X)". Since then, QKD systems, QKD network technologies and various applications have been developed and tested on it. Some of these technologies are going out into user premises in 2015. Tokyo QKD Network will be offering a platform for developing security certification technologies, next generation QKD systems and new applications.

Tokyo QKD Network at present

Tokyo Free Space Optical (FSO) Testbed has been constructed in August 2014 for field experiments on optical and quantum communications as well as optical sensing. It constitutes an 8 km terrestrial link between two terminals at the University of Electro-Communications and NICT.

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